Volunteering for VITA can be one of the most rewarding experiences. Giving back

to your community in a meaningful way while learning a new skill. For each hour a

volunteer contributes to VITA - $1,400 in refunds are generated and returned to

a low-income family.


With your support, we can help more families with free VITA services and ensure

they have a safe, secure filing with Free Tax Prep LA. 

                      Certified Volunteers can RSVP here to serve at any VITA location

We are currently seeking Volunteer Tax Preparers and Intake Managers for the upcoming tax season.  

  • Volunteer Tax Preparers - Prepare simple tax returns on the IRS's Tax Slayer Software.                                                           Required Certification: Standards of Conduct, Intake & Interview, and either Basic or Advance Tax Preparation. Expect 14-20 hours of studying.

  • Intake Managers - Assist families at the tax site by their collecting tax documents, making photocopies, and assisting them with their Intake and Interview Sheet.  Required Certification: Standards of Conduct and Intake & Interview.  Expect 2-6 hours of studying. 


Tools to help you be prepared and certified!

  • Intake and Interview Training

  • Tax Law Training Videos

  • Tax Software Training

  • Certification Test

All Volunteers (intake & preparers)

Training Resources:

Standards of Conduct Training and Test

Intake & Interview Training and Test (Yes, it's open book)

Submit Test Online


Expected Time:

30 minutes - 1 hour

Approximate Timeline: 

December 2019

Tax Knowledge

Volunteer Resource Guide (Pub 4012)

Videos: Tax Law (by Prosperity Now)

Videos: Tax Law (by Franchise Tax Board)

IRS Link and Learn Course 

Expected Time:

10-12 hours

Approximate Timeline: 

End of January 2020

Get Certified

Certification Test (yes, it's open book!)

Tax Preparer Test (Pub 6744)

Submit Test Online


Expected Time:

10-12 hours

February 2020