Volunteering for VITA can be one of the most rewarding experiences.

Not only is volunteering a great way to give back to your community in a

meaningful way, but also a wonderful way to learn a new skill. For each hour

a volunteer contributes - $1,800 in refunds are generated.


With your support, we can help more families with free VITA services and

ensure they have a safe, secure filing with Free Tax Prep LA. 


During the current COVID-19 Pandemic all volunteer activities have

been cancelled.

We are currently seeking Volunteer Tax Preparers and Intake Managers for the upcoming tax season.  

  • Volunteer Tax Preparers - Prepare simple tax returns on the IRS's Tax Slayer Software.                                                 Required Certification: Standards of Conduct, Intake & Interview, and either Basic or Advance Tax Preparation. Expect 14-20 hours of studying.

  • Intake Managers - Assist families at the tax site by their collecting tax documents, making photocopies, and assisting them with their Intake and Interview Sheet.  Required Certification: Standards of Conduct and Intake & Interview.  Expect 2-6 hours of studying. 


Tools to help you be prepared and certified!

  • Intake and Interview Training

  • Tax Law Training Videos

  • Tax Software Training

  • Certification Test

All Volunteers (intake & preparers)

Training Resources:

Standards of Conduct Training and Test

Intake & Interview Training and Test (Yes, it's open book)

Submit Test Online


Expected Time:

30 minutes - 1 hour

Approximate Timeline: 

December 2019

Tax Knowledge

Volunteer Resource Guide (Pub 4012)

Videos: Tax Law (by Prosperity Now)

Videos: Tax Law (by Franchise Tax Board)

IRS Link and Learn Course 

Expected Time:

10-12 hours

Approximate Timeline: 

End of January 2020

Get Certified

Certification Test (yes, it's open book!)

Tax Preparer Test (Pub 6744)

Submit Test Online


Expected Time:

10-12 hours

February 2020